Sunday, January 9, 2011

Honeymoon Destination Finally Determined

After many months of research on the internet, two hours spent at AAA, and a couple more hours talking to Unforgettable Honeymoons we have FINALLY nailed down our Honeymoon Destination! We are going to Antigua! Antigua is located in the caribbean between St. Barts and Montserrat.

We are spending the first 3 days in Sandals Antigua.

Then spending the next three nights at Hermitage Bay The first and last picture is going to be our room and the middle picture is of the hotel pool. 

These aren't the best quality pictures but if you click here then you can check out the website, as well as the link I gave you above. Matt and I are more than excited about venturing out to Antigua, but what is so great about our trip is that fact that we will finally be Mr. and Mrs. Matt Thomas. 

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