Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bright, White and tons of Delight!

Good Afternoon! Isn't that a wonderful first photo to start your day with? I am loving this wooden escape disguised as a living room. Gorgeous tall, wooden, fireplace and a wall of windows that lets in tons of light to frame the rest of the room's rugged yet modern look. 
Also, while you are admiring Rebekah Westover's stunning bride draped in pearls and capped ruffled sleeves be sure not to miss the awesome DIY idea. The wedding party has taken mason jars, filled them half way with sand, dropped a white candle in them, and twisted yarn around the jars middle. What an easy vintage looking idea for a wedding or any event for that matter. The last two photos are from a great inspirational blog entitled The Southern Swoop Blog that focuses on hairstyles/up-dos and photography.

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