Thursday, March 17, 2011

What Weddings Are Really All About

"I follow many of the popular blogs out there, and I’m a huge sucker for the unique and fun details at weddings as much as anyone else. However as much as vintage soda bottles, large centerpieces, balloons, and other things make modern weddings so great, I want to take this Valentines Day to remind us all what weddings are really about. The wedding cliche always goes something like ‘after the wedding your cake will be eaten, your flowers will wilt, but you’ll always have your photographs.’ That’s absolutely true, however I’d like to add that while your wedding photographs will hopefully be something you always cherish what you will really “always have” after your wedding is your spouse, your relationship, your family, and your love. That’s what weddings are truly about, regardless of what’s hip or in magazines. Being in love, and sharing that amazing feeling with so many of the people who are important in your life. Watch with us as we remember, here on Valentines Day, why weddings are truly amazing. The people.”

-Luke Walker 
Co-founder of Clark + Walker Studios

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