Thursday, February 10, 2011

Unconventional Guestbooks

         When I started thinking about our wedding guestbook I soon discovered that there are more possibilities than just a blank book for people to write it. There are all sorts of fun and creative ideas that you could choose from to make your wedding specific to you as a couple. Here are some ideas that I have found along the way:

1. I absolutely love this idea! The bride at this wedding, shot by Jenna Cole, must have been very crafty because she picked out all different swatches of fabric and cut them into squares. Then she had the guest write a note on each square. After the wedding she will collect all the swatches and make a quilt!

2. This wedding was shoot in San Diego by Jill Thomas. The couple has a surfer theme from their cake topper down to their guestbook. They obviously love to surf so instead of getting all their guests to sign a  book they got them to sign their surf board. 

3. This wedding, also shot by Jill Thomas, is for the travel lovers. They bought a book of maps and had all of their guests sign throughout the book. This is a great idea for any other type of book. You can get a coffee book, cooking book, or any other interest of the bride and groom and use that as well. Then in your new home you can display the book on a coffee table or a bookshelf.

4. This one is not as unconventional, but it is another way to go exceptionally if you want your guests to get more "hands on". I found this one on I Do It Yourself, the guest book tree. You display the tree along with different colors of ink or the same color ink and have your guests leave their thumb print. The prints start filling up and the tree begins to blossom. Then once they are done they simple sign their name and you are left with a beautiful tree to display in your home. You can find this specific one for only $20 at the I Do It Yourself Shop!

5. This one kind of goes in the same category as number three, but it involves a book of the bride and groom instead of their interests. You can make a book of your engagement pictures and have your guests sign throughout the book. Therefore, they get to see your engagement pictures and you get your engagement pictures bound to a book combined with your guest book. This picture is found on Caught the Light blog.

6. Love and Lavender is where I found this guestbook. This idea has become very popular because it allows you to have a picture of all of your guests. Each guests takes a picture of themselves, or you can have an attendant take the picture for them. (A Polaroid camera is needed) Then they place it in the book along with their signature. You might not always get to see everyone who comes to wedding especially if you invite a large number of people so having the picture book is a great keep sake to have and look through after your wedding.

If you have any more ideas that you did not see on my list, that you love, please comment and tell me! Also feel free to tell me what you did at your wedding!:)


  1. I love reading all your posts! I don't need to be planning a wedding to use your great ideas and finds! I'm totally making one of those finger print things for my parents, and I'm going to have our whole family put their thumbprints!

  2. Thank you! Thats a great idea to make one for your parents! I hadn't even thought of that:)

  3. I am having postcards for my guestbook :)

    I will hang them up on a string with clothes pins and all of the guests will be able to pick out their favorite vintage postcards that I found at antique stores for real cheap. They will sign the back and then John and I will put them in a photo album!


  4. Ooo!! I love that Chelsie! What a great idea! Maybe we could post your wedding on here after you get married:)


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