Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wedding Blogs Galore

When I first got engaged I discovered wedding blogs. And let me just tell you they changed my whole wedding planning experience. I had my eyes opened to DIY (Do it yourself) ideas, and different types of flowers I love, and themes I might want to incorporate in my own wedding. So, I want to extend that discovery with all of you. Here is a list of the Top 100 Wedding Blogs:

            Now, when you first go into the site it can be a little overwhelming. I have not even looked at every single one, but to narrow it down for you let me tell you my personal favorites:

Green Wedding Shoes   This site is mostly centered towards Southern California weddings and where I found our Engagement Photographer but she has wonderful ideas for all brides.

Elizabeth Anne Designs   This site has a lot of great giveaways and I just love her style.

Ruffled I have talked about this site before under "Recycle Your Wedding"

Once Wed                                    
The Wedding Chicks                  

Engaged Birmingham This site is for all Birmingham, AL brides. They inform you of bridal shows,                       vendors around the area, and they have their own shop in Vestavia you can go to. When you go to the shop they can take a picture of you showing your ring off the world.

         But remember, while looking at these blogs most of them feature weddings with a large budget.  Your wedding can be just as beautiful, and just as special with the budget that you have. These are just to give you ideas and inspire you; so you can find your own style in the wedding that fits you and your
fiance the most.

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