Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Mustache on a Stick" Anyone??

 Oh! And if you are wondering what a "mustache on a stick" is: Here is a tutorial of how to make them as well:

Carl Zoch
           You can use felt or just construction paper. Raijina had all different kinds and it was so much fun holding them up in front of one another, trying to hold a conversation when one of your girlfriends is holding a mustache to her face. It has also become a very popular wedding idea to leave on tables at the reception, to break the ice a little.


  1. That's my hairdresser Staci! We are from Oklahoma. She's awesome, and so is her pink hair!

  2. Oh that so great!:) Yea, I love this photo! It is so cute and it really accents the couple. I just see their joy and fun attitudes exploding out! Thanks for the comment.


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